Feline Nutrition

Feline Nutritional Counseling

Feline Nutritional Counseling in Chapel Hill, TN

Cats have different nutritional needs during different stages of their life.  During your cat’s wellness exam our veterinarians will discuss your cat’s nutritional needs with you and answer any questions you may have.  We offer counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for cats during various life stages including growth, pregnancy, nursing, and the “golden years.” If your pet has a medical condition, we have specially-formulated cat foods made specifically for some types of chronic illnesses.

Overweight cats

Has your cat gained waight? Overweight cats may have additional health issues caused by obesity including shorter life span, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and arthritis.  We will review your cat’s current eating habits to ensure they have a healthy, balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.  We will also discuss play and exercise to make sure your pet is getting enough physical activity.  If your cat needs to lose weight, we will offer counseling on the right type and amount of food to feed your cat so that your pet can lose weight and achieve a healthy weight.  Keeping your cat at an optimal weight will keep your cat healthier longer!



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