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Small Ruminant Care

Veterinary Services in Chapel Hill offers small ruminant care (sheep, goats, and camelids). We provide herd management consultation, preventative health care, deworming, health certificates, travel papers, general medical and emergency care. We also offer reproduction services including breeding soundness exams, ultrasound examination, hormone analysis.

Herd Vaccination Programs

Immunizations, or vaccinations, are an important part of a small ruminant herd health program. Vaccinations help to curtail the emergence of disease and limit its spread from animal to animal. Small ruminant herds can benefit from a vaccine program. Certain vaccines protect young animals while others protect against reproductive losses. Vaccines contain antigens of disease-causing agents, and are used to stimulate an animal’s immune systems and create an immune response before significant natural exposure to disease-causing agents. It is important to understand that vaccination does not equal immunization. Many factors influence the immune response to vaccinations, including stress, vitamin and mineral balance, nutrition, and overall health of the animal being vaccinated. Proper timing, proper vaccines for the time of year and geographic area, route of administration, and dosage are all part of an effective vaccine program. The veterinarians at Veterinary Services design individual small ruminant herd vaccination protocols based upon the specific needs of your herd.

Our equipped mobile unit performs farm calls and we are able to perform all small ruminant care on your farm. Call us today for veterinary care for your sheep, goats or camelids.

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